Prepackaged Medication Dispensing with QCP for your AT-RISK Patients.

Have At-Risk Patients?

If your goals include increasing Patient Prescription Compliance to keep patients’ well and out of the E/R and hospital while decreasing your expenditure per patient, you should  dispense Pre-Packaged meds at Point-Of-Care in your PCP Clinics. This also helps to reduce hospital readmissions. Plus, you can also use prepackaged meds in your pharmacy for your employees’ chronic medications.  Click on our calculator to see what your savings could look like and then let’s connect.


Dispense Prepackaged New Scripts:

-To reduce hospital readmissions
-To synchronize prescriptions and reduce ER visits and hospital stays
-To dispense the first script at the point of care in your PCP Clinics to increase compliance and reduce non-compliance by as much as 40%. Quickly address patient concerns such as pill size, taste, allergies, cost of medicine, etc
-To your pharmacies and clinics for your employees’ chronic medications
-To access a new revenue stream for Commercial Patients



“Implementing a combination of both dispensaries along with our existing clinical pharmacies, we were able to greatly improve medication access and convenience to our patients across the entire company while keeping operating costs down. The dispensaries also helped relieve the pharmacy of acute fills and a portion of maintenance refills. From a CMS quality perspective, there was a boost in HEDIS Star Rating measures related to medication adherence, especially if the health plan permits 90-day fills. We were also able to enhance our physicians formulary awareness to help our patients reduce their overall drug costs.”

– Andy Murray, PharmD Former, Director of Pharmacy Pasteur Medical

Dispense and Save, Calculate Your Potential Savings

Calculate how much can you save by dispensing in your office to your At-Risk patients.

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QCP Response From CEO Mike Holmes To COVID-19

March 17, 2020


We have a unique responsibility to support our customers and their patients during this public healthcare crisis.

With a critical role supplying the pharmaceuticals urgently needed to respond to coronavirus, as well as to our pharmacies and clinics who dispense acute and chronic medications that their patients also need, QCP has held multiple meetings over the last few weeks to ensure that our customers needs are met in a safe and timely manner, and that our Employees stay safe and healthy.

No slowdown in service has occurred, and none is expected.

QCP’s office workers began working remotely from home last week and will continue to do so until the threat subsides. Workers at our healthcare repackaging, distribution and CSR center continue to report to work.

Thankfully, no employees have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel strain of the virus, and in fact only 1person has been diagnosed in all of Lucas County, at the time of this writing.

QCP has enacted a pre-established plan for responding to a pandemic based on guidelines passed down to us through our lobbying group, Healthcare Distributors Association, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who view the role of QCP and other pharmaceutical Wholesalers as critical to the health and well-being of all Americans.

QCP’s goal has always been to maintain a 3-month supply of over 90% of its’ fast-moving pre-packaged medications. Still, in light of the pandemic, we have increased our supplies of multiple medications and, while we’ve experienced a slight increase in orders as some customers expect that supply chains could be interrupted, we’ve been able to maintain our inventory levels. To date, QCP has experienced zero issues, and the FDA said only 1 medication is in short-supply due to COVID 19. While the possibility of supply disruptions in the future exists, we are communicating with suppliers and customers, and will exhaust all efforts to mitigate any issues that may occur.